Kaitlyn P.

Tour Guide

Class of 2025

Hometown: Flourtown, PA

Major: Ciminology

My favorite Berkey Creamery ice cream flavor is...

Alumni Swirl

My favorite Penn State tradition is...

The white-out game and THON are tied for me!

I chose Penn State because...

I toured many schools and none gave me the welcoming and friendly feeling that is specific to Penn State. Also, the school spirit is completely unmatched.

My advice to incoming students is...

Knock on doors and keep your door propped open the first few days to introduce yourself to people living in your dorm, ask to sit with people who look friendly during meals and get talking to those people, and don't feel too tied to your roommate, feel free to do things on your own or branch away from them- it's not mandatory to be best friends and tied at the hip!

I'm involved with...

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Penn State Lion Scouts
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